Adult chat sex chat is a portal that has changed many times over the years. This place started out as a good idea and just kind of sat here on the web not doing much for a long time. Then we added some here and added a little there. It sat for a while as the creators worked on other projects. In 2017 we added some free text chat rooms to the system and in Feb 2018 we adapted the design to be more mobile friendly.

Today most things should work well with call phones and tablets, and we are working to add more cool things to this little portal in the near future. We welcome your thoughts on what we should do around here, so leave a comment, we are actually listening.


The people who built this little site have worked ext4ensivley on many other web projects including several chat sites and several adults only web sites. We continue to experiments with different ways of connecting people to each other so they can share. We like that many of our projects include sexy entertainment and good times for people.

It should come as no surprise that we likely earn money from promoting some of the models and other portals that you may see here. Yes indeed we may earn more or fame or blowjobs or other compensation from places that you will find linked from this site and people that we post about it.

Basically consider everything here to be adults only. Consider it all to be for entertainment purposes and not in any way to be construed as facts. Do your own research, do not consider anything here legal advice or medical, advice or investing advice or anything else serious.  Our judgement may be clouded by the money that we earn from the places that we promote. Our judgement may also be clouded by the hot ass that we get to stare at when we created ads and pages for sexy places.


If you really need to contact us, you can leave a comment in the form below and we should get it.

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