Adults talk more online these days

November 16, 2009 on 11:01 pm | In Adult Chat | Comments Off on Adults talk more online these days

I remember back in the days before the internet when I would chat on the phone with a friend, or hang with with a small group of folks on occasion and talk. Sometimes we’d get into talks about sex, but even then the discussion was often limited to things like when the last time we got some, or who we banged last week, and stuff like that. With the internet, it seems we can all reach more people and get much more in depth about sexual subjects.

I am able to get in conversations in a chat room, or forums with tons of people at the same. With forum posts literally thousands of people can get into my conversation, and not just listening like with broadcast radio, although I cam sure a majority of people do just read / listen and do not post to get into the conversations. It’s great to see my page views and thread read counts to know that lots of people are into my talks about sex.

I think we all are able to talk not just more, as in getting long winded in the blog posts, chat rooms, and forum posts, but also broach subject matter that we may not in person. Whether in person or on the phone, I think people tend to hold back quite a bit, and will lie or hide things person to person. Hoever on the internet you can create a new semi-annoymous personlity and share with the world without the same judgement and risk associated with real life conversations. This certainly opens up for much more honet communication

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